Cork is natural in every way.

Functional accessories made of sustainable materials to improve people's lives in small but mighty ways.

Cork Desk Accessories

Desk accessories

Cork desk accessories 

  • What is Cork?

    Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree - Quercus Suber L. - which is 100% natural plant tissue. The cork cells, grouped in a honeycomb structure similar to a beehive, filled with a mixture, gases identical to air. In addition, other compounds are identified in their chemical composition, although in less quantity, such as polysaccharides, ceroids, and tannins.

  • Properties or Key Characteristics

    Light, Elastic, compressible, and resilient
    -Impermeable, Thermal, acoustic, and anti-vibration insulation
    -Hypoallergenic, antistatic and odor-free, Resistant to friction
    -Fire retardant, Renewable, recyclable, and reusable

  • From the Cork Oak Forest to the Final Product

    The life cycle of cork as a raw material begins with extraction of the cork oak bark, which is called harvesting. Cork enters the manufacturing process after it is extracted, to produce the myriad of products that we can find, stoppers, construction material, design material, accesories, shoes and more.