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A5 Cork Padfolio

A5 Cork Padfolio

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Artisan A5 Padfolio Made of Cork in Portugal

Featuring a sleek pocket on the left side - inclusive of a business card slot - and an A6 notepad on the right, this is an elegantly handcrafted A5 padfolio made from cork.

This A5 padfolio is perfect for keeping all your essential items for meetings and business travels within reach, and you'll surely adore the natural feel of cork material.

Dimensions: Suitable for A5 notepad

Fabrication Material: Authentic Cork

Understanding Cork:

Cork originates from the bark of the cork oak tree, also known as Quercus Suber L., a 100% natural plant tissue. The cork cells take a honeycomb form, mimicking a beehive, filled with a blend of gases identical to air. Additionally, it contains other compounds such as polysaccharides, ceroids, and tannins in smaller amounts.

Our close collaboration with cork farmers in Portugal who manually harvest the cork bark every decade or so allows the trees to grow at a faster pace and enhances their lifespan. A cork tree can survive for as long as 250 years. The cork bark enables us to produce top-quality textile, making our cork fabric resemble premium leather in appearance and feel, but being lighter, softer, and more durable.

Key Features of Our A5 Padfolio:


-Elastic, compressible, and resilient


-Thermal, acoustic, and vibration-proof insulation

-Hypoallergenic, anti-static, and odorless

-Resistance to friction


-Eco-friendly, recyclable, and reusable


-Energy Source

-Soft to the touch

Thank you for your support in choosing sustainable products and small businesses!


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